St. Louis Cemetery #2

St. Louis Cemetery #2: An Undiscovered Treasure

St. Louis Cemetery #2: An Undiscovered Treasure

While not as known or as visited as its older sibling, St. Louis Cemetery #1, the venerable St. Louis Cemetery #2, established in 1823, may be New Orleans' most fascinating heritage site and best kept secret.

A treasure-trove of architectural styles, historic construction materials and methods, masterful stone carving, and some of the best wrought-iron artistry in town, this cemetery memorializes some of New Orleans' most noteworthy sons and daughters. 

But despite its importance, this site has been woefully neglected, indeed forgotten, by many. Too many tombs have been lost to the ravages of time; many others are in a lamentable state of disrepair. 

Come explore the glory of this historical treasure, along with the challenges faced today by all of the city’s historic cemeteries.

Get the inside scoop on death and burial in New Orleans, and find out about:

  • Changing notions of cemetery layout and tomb architecture
  • Mass burial and related customs
  • Maintenance of tombs
  • Burial in the walls
  • Jazz funerals 
  • Yellow fever deaths
  • Funerary symbolism in the cemetery
  • “Society” tombs for immigrant groups, military veterans, religious orders, and benevolent associations
  • Storyville, the former red-light district in this neighborhood
  • Famous and infamous residents of New Orleans, such as James Pitot, Gov. Jacques Villere, Claude Treme, architect J.N.B. de Pouilly, Ernie K-Doe, Dominique You, Mother Henriette Delille, and many more….

*Note: New Orleans' cemeteries are first and foremost consecrated sites for the interment of the deceased and for visits by family and friends of the deceased. It is requested, therefore, that other visitors to the cemeteries maintain an attitude of respect toward these sites and their tombs and deference toward any visiting family or funeral activity. 

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