Tours Abroad

Now and then DOUBLOON TOURS ventures a bit farther from home in search of the roots of our unique culture.

We've traveled to various regions of France (Alsace, Brittany, Provence, Occitanie, Paris) to discover an ancient and medieval heritage as well as a vibrant contemporary scene. We've toured picturesque villages, enjoyed river cruises, and cooked with local chefs. And of course there are the local cheeses, wines, and other products. Some of our guests take the opportunity to practice their French, but it's not a requirement! We take care of all the details, so you can relax and enjoy. 

Currently, we're still reliving the wonderful memories of our two 2017 tours - one to Barcelona and Toulouse (with visits around the southwest of France) and the other to Lyon and its wine regions. This is too much fun! Now we're hatching plans to travel to Normandy and Paris in June 2018, with a Seine River cruise (5 nights!) as part of the package. Consider joining us for the experience of a lifetime. There's a reason why so many of our guests become frequent flyers on DOUBLOON TOURS' trips abroad!